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Getting Started with Simple-Simon

Getting started with all the features of Simple-Simon

The job management software from Simple-Simon offers you convenience in the field of:

  • Time saving. No longer spend unnecessarily time deciphering and retyping work orders and searching for lost paper work orders;

  • Ease of use for indoor and fieldservice. Among other things, no longer calling back and forth, insight into weekly and annual planning and easy recording of hours and materials;

  • Professionalism towards your customer. For example, a clear overview of previous activities and agreements.

In addition, you not only speed up the work process, but you also make fewer mistakes and you communicate more easily with your customer. A successful digitization of both your internal staff and fieldservice starts with taking into account the most common implementation pitfalls. Do you also want to get started with Simple-Simon? Watch the video on the right for all the features. You can also read below how you can make a flying start. This way you get the most out of Simple-Simon for your company!

Every day thousands of professionals from industries like construction, IT and security work with Simple-Simon’s Smart Work Order App. But Simon’s work order app is not only there for these branches, every industry can work with our smart work order app. Do you want to know how Simple-Simon is used in your industry? Then view the branches at the top of the menu.

Everything explained during the live demo

When you are getting started the Simple-Simon work order app for the first time, many possibilities come to you. For a correct start, and to get the most out of the Simple-Simon work order app, we recommend an online live demo with our consultant. During this 45-minute demo, our consultant will show you all the possibilities of Simon’s work order app. Because your work situation is looked at prior to the demo, it always matches your wishes and needs perfectly.

Following the online live demo has the following benefits, among others:
✔️ Get acquainted with the functions of Simple-Simon in an accessible and interactive way;
✔️ Handles are provided to get started with our work order app and the office module yourself;
✔️ You spend less time testing after attending the demo. You can get started right away!

Schedule your live demo

Get even more out of Simple-Simon with our implementation paths

If after the online live demo and test period you decide to get started with Simple-Simon, we can help with the implementation if you want. In this way we guarantee a successful follow-up with the help of our implementation packages. These consist not only of extensive training, but in the initial phase also of several contact moments per week. All this to ensure that you have a carefree start and that you are not left with questions.

With our implementation processes you are assured of:
✔️ Implementing your software, fully tailored to your business processes and wishes;
✔️ Training of both your internal and external staff;
✔️ Contact and evaluation moments & aftercare. This way you can contact us for support not only during the implementation, but also afterwards.