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The highest rated work order app!

4.7 Rating for Simple-Simon’s Smart Work Order App! 

Simple-Simon is currently the most highly rated work order app and we should be proud of that!  At Simple-Simon, we strive to offer a work order app that not only saves you time and money but also promises quality. We want to thank our customers very much for all the positive reviews on our work order app! We would like to share some reviews with you per platform: Google, Apple App Store, Google Play Store & Exact App Store. You can always read the reviews on those platforms as well!

Google reviews: 

As a maintenance company, we made the switch to Simple-Simon 5 months ago and now see it as one of the better decisions ever. No more hassle with paper work orders, a much better time registration and when a job is done we can easily add some pictures in the work order so that when there are questions afterwards we have everything well documented at hand. Despite the fact that the introduction course at our office was not possible because of the Corona, we still received some very clear information online from Patrick. Now that we are all completely used to it after 5 months, we cannot imagine that we worked without it for years. We have absolutely no regrets about our switch to Simple-Simon, and hope for a very long cooperation.

Ron Boerhoop – Ronbo Multidiensten


Excellent working integration with Exact online. Paper work orders are completely out of date. Time-saving and clear, so cost-effective. Also very satisfied with the service.

Kris Lenaerts – SKBK


We have been using Simple Simon since early 2014 to our complete satisfaction. Scheduling mechanics is super easy and the transition from paper work orders to digital work orders makes our business process many times more efficient!

Beuk Horeca


Apple App store

Simple-Simon, exactly as the name suggests, simple but effective. Super that it is cloud based, no hassle with local programs or data, always available.

We have been using the app for some time and recently switched to 2.0, many additions that we had been waiting for a while such as schedules and repeating appointments are now nicely arranged. Partly because of the self-creatable statuses for the office part and the field service you quickly have the overview you need for further processing. 

Planning work orders is simple, the implementation is very fast, after one morning you are online. What we are especially happy about now is that there are APIs and we can develop the link with AFAS Profit, that is the cherry on the cake and they certainly deserved the 5th star!

Hadiya, thank you so much for your support and help!

Bas de boer – Eyevinci


From loose ends to an integrated picture

Since a few weeks we work with Simple Simon. With this app we can easily integrate all the separate lists and systems into a well functioning whole.

Simple Simon is simple to use and easy to set up yourself. You get an extensive demonstration of what is possible and they think along with you. With a trial license you can test the app extensively. Involved and adequate service. Good and fast helpdesk.

Anja Boersma – Cornustuinen


Best workorder app!

We have been working with Simple-Simon as a work order app for several months now, linked to our accounting program Exact Online. Today our long awaited update and training to version 2.0 took place with among others the function to add objects to customer work addresses. We are looking forward to working with version 2! Hadiya and Hugo have guided and trained us very well, absolutely Top!!!

Ryan – Saltrans



Google Play store

I am very happy with it and the SnelStart integration works very well
Marcel Heukers – Paas montage

Basically a fine program. Qintec has complex processes with which a bit of “customization” from Simple Simon was necessary. They like to think along and see what fits within the ” simple” concept. Thanks for the cooperation!
Koen Brands – Qintec

Our company has been working with this app for a very long time and now that there is a new version 2.0., it now works even better. Top thanks!
Brigitte Blommers – Aktie Totaalinstallateurs B.V.

For us a huge improvement Nowadays still happy with it!
Diana Kors – Savona International Produkties

Exact app store

Good explanation and support from Simple Simon. Saves us a lot of paperwork, time and money. Good connection with exact online. You learn to work with it quickly because of its simplicity and smart applications.

Danny Piersma – Installatiebedrijf Heuvelland

I have been using Simple Simon for four years now to my complete satisfaction. It is simple and easy to work with and also the bookkeeping is a lot faster now no more double work.

Danny Buitelaar – Buitelaar warmtetechniek

Simple Simon is a simple to use and set up work order app. Good support and the wishes of the customer are taken into account. Implemented in cooperation with one of our customers. Used by mechanics who prefer to work with their hands instead of filling out paperwork. The process of filling out work orders manually is a thing of the past, a huge efficiency difference!  

Anja Dijkstra – DSD Stalinrichting

Simple Simon is like the name says Simple. You create a work order and place it in the planning. In addition, you can either voluntarily or compulsorily let the technician perform actions such as taking a picture. And if something is not clear then Simple Simon helps to make it clear.

Raymond van der Steen – Volle Smaak Koffie


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