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Digital Work Order App

What is a digital work order app?

A digital work order is a work order that you can use and edit digitally. This can be done easily via the desktop and your favorite smartphone or tablet with IOS or Android. Say goodbye to the paperwork by using Simple-Simon’s digital work order app. Work fast and easily!

How do you use a digital work order?

  • The smart work order from Simple-Simon uses a desktop environment and an app.
  • Via the planning board on your desktop, you can easily create work orders, schedule and assign them to your colleagues.
  • The desktop environment synchronizes real-time with the app so that your colleagues are aware of the scheduled work orders.
  • Your colleagues in the field can then edit and process the work orders. Because the app synchronizes real-time with the desktop environment, all changes made are immediately visible on the desktop and vice versa.

Simplify your work process, increase your quality and save costs!