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You will find answers in our FAQ to the most
frequently asked questions from our customers. Type your question or
choose from different topics and find your answer right away!

Do you have a support question?
Then create a ticket in our Help Center and our support team will help you asap.
You can also create a support ticket by emailing:

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Are you also available by phone?

Unfortunately we do not offer telephone support. Support is only offered through our Help Center or via This decision was not made because we do not want to help you, on the contrary! Experience has taught us that this is the fastest way to help you.

By creating a support ticket, our support team can read your question and get to the heart of the problem fairly quickly. In this way we can work quickly and efficiently and help many more people in much less time.

Of course, the above does not mean that we will never call you, but depending on the problem, our support colleagues may decide that telephone support is easier or faster.