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Easily digitize work order booklets

Easily digitize work order booklets with Simon

With paper work order booklets, there is a good chance that you spend an unnecessary amount of time each week on administrative tasks. Avoid searching for lost work order booklets by easily digitizing them with Simple-Simon. This will save you a lot of time on work orders and work processes. Afraid that digitizing your first work order booklet is difficult? Not with Simon’s all-in-one solution, which digitizes your first work order booklet in less than 5 minutes. This not only saves you immediate time and money, but also easily increases your work quality. Buying work order booklets is therefore a thing of the past!

Easily digitize work order booklets? Try Simple-Simon for free

Avoid disadvantages of paper work order booklets

You probably know loose work orders in booklets, lost work orders with notes and folders full of paper administrations. Recognizable? Prevent not only lying around work order booklets, but also illegible handwriting of colleagues easily with Simple-Simon’s job management software. By working digitally with our app, you can easily arrange this and more by, among other things, combining forms in your work order and working completely digitally. This will also reduce the number of errors. So you no longer have to copy error-prone data.

With Simple-Simon, you have all the benefits of a work order booklet in one convenient tool.

No more buying work order booklets

With Simple-Simon, you can easily avoid the above disadvantages. This way, you easily save valuable time. Field service employees can pick up the work order digitally and fill it out on their phone or tablet. As a result, they no longer have to drive back and forth to collect and return printed job sheets. In addition, changes are synchronized, easily eliminating unnecessary phone calls back and forth. In short, with Simple-Simon you have insight into your administration at a glance. So you can easily work more efficiently in areas such as planning, communication and invoicing.

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Easily digitize work order booklets yourself with Simon

Digitize your work orders and work order books with Simple-Simon, all by yourself in minutes. With our software, you have not only created your first work order booklet in no time, but also scheduled it. Then easily schedule your employee with the appropriate skills on the digital work order. In addition, from your Simon office environment, you connect to your favorite accounting package in just a few clicks. This not only allows you to easily synchronize data from your ERP system with Simon, but also allows you to automatically send the archived work order back to your accounting package with a few mouse clicks.


Start digitizing your work order booklets

Do you also want to work more efficiently in your industry? Work with Simple-Simon’s job management software for work order booklets, and save time, money and ensure a professional appearance. Experience the benefits of Simple-Simon for yourself, completely free of charge and without obligations! Start your free 14-day trial with a click on the button.


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