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Useful features highlighted

Useful features of Simon that help you work more efficiently

Do you have piles of paper work orders on your desk every week, which you then have to sort and process manually? Or do you sometimes lose your overview because you keep track of your work schedule on confusing sheets? These and other frustrations are a thing of the past with Simple-Simon. Our job management software allows you to work more efficiently without any worries. Moreover, you increase your work quality in no time by digitizing your work orders, and the associated work processes. Wondering how Simple-Simon can help you in the area of efficiency? Below you will find more information regarding useful features.

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Creating your own forms in Simon

It is possible to create your own forms completely from scratch. This useful feature gives you the option to fully customize the form to your company image. This way, the form always matches your company. For example, you can not only decide which questions you want to ask, but also whether photos should be added to the form. In addition to house style, you can also determine which data should be shown on your form. Moreover, you can easily add or remove columns yourself.

Adding additional information without hassle

Add and edit photos

Nowadays, you want to capture more and more data. With Simple-Simon’s job sheet app, you can easily add photos to the work order. Moreover, you can also easily edit the photo by, for example, circling important things, adding text or by drawing and placing an arrow. In addition, this way you can give your customer and yourself additional confirmation about the work done, by taking and adding photos.

Add checklists

With Simon, you can extend your digital work orders even further by using checklists. You can add different questions to your list. These can be open or closed questions. A checklist helps you add more in-depth information about the work performed to the work order. You can create the checklist completely as you wish.

Another useful feature is customizing attachments

Sometimes it can be convenient to add one or more attachments to the work order. Think for example of a floor plan, your own Excel sheet or any other form. You always want to be able to edit the attachment(s) during or after the work. This useful feature was recently added to Simple-Simon’s app. This makes it possible to open and modify the added attachment in the work order. This way you always have the right information at hand and can flexibly adjust it when needed. Customizing can therefore be done easily from within the app.

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Everything explained during an online demo

Simple-Simon has more useful features to offer you, than the few highlighted above. For example, with Simon you can also easily manage clients and materials, schedule with a digital plan board, work in teams, build history per work address and work online and offline interchangeably. But you can do much more with Simple-Simon. Our consultant will gladly show you all the features of Simon through an online demo. Because this demo is fully customized to your work situation, it always perfectly matches your needs and wishes. Schedule your live demo below to get off to a flying start!

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