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1.Open Google Chrome and type in the URL bar: chrome://flags
2.Search at the top of this page: Smooth Scrolling
3.Set it to Disabled
4.Close all tabs and restart Google Chrome

Firstly, the Simon app needs an internet connection when you receive the schedule from the Simon Office environment. Second, the app needs an Internet connection when you want to send the completed work order back to the office environment. In between, you do not necessarily need an Internet connection while working on the work order.

Go to ‘Licence’ -> ‘Buy licences’ -> Enter how many licences you want to buy (your details have already been entered) -> ‘Save’. You can also set up direct debit here under ‘Activate direct debit’.

This is because Simon sends the mails from its domain The sender, you, has a completely different extension. For example

Many spam filters see this as spam: the physical sender is different from the sender name. You can improve this considerably by having your ISP (internet provider) record a so-called SPF record. This SPF record says that it is OK that mails on behalf of are sent by


You have to add the SPF record below:

If you don’t have your own mail server:

“v=spf1 mx ~all”


If you have your own mail server:



If the emails don’t go through or end up in the spam folder, even though they pass our SPF check, do a final check on:

The Simon App is built for devices that run on the latest technologies and it is therefore recommended that you install the Simon App on devices that meet certain requirements. See here what the minimum requirements are for a device (Android & IOS).

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