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Work schedule app

Effortlessly create a work schedule with the work schedule app from Simple-Simon

Are you looking for a reliable work schedule app? We are happy to tell you why you should choose for Simple-Simon!

Are you as an entrepreneur still looking for a suitable solution for your planning, work orders, time registration and material management? Then you’ve come to the right place. Simplify your work processes with the work scheduling software from Simple-Simon. With thousands of users in different countries and industries, is Simple-Simon market leader. Through Simon’s work schedule app, you save time & costs immediately. Furthermore, it makes it easy to increase your work quality! This can be done simply via desktop as well as your favorite smartphone or tablet. Start today with a more efficient work process by using Simple-Simon’s job management software.

Also the best work schedule app for freelancers

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Work scheduling software? For whom is the work schedule app from Simple-Simon?

Does your company have people working in the field and do your employees use paper work orders? If so, Simple-Simon’s work schedule app is right for you and your employees. Simon also offers work scheduling software for freelancers. Simple-Simon is used by plumbers, electricians, security guards, landscapers, ICT professionals and many other industries. Simplify your work process by switching to Simon’s work schedule app. Which will also help you communicate faster with your colleagues and customers!

See below the benefits that our customers gain after switching to Simple-Simon’s work scheduling software.

Always insight into your schedule with the work schedule app

The smart work management app from Simple-Simon doesn’t matter if you work with a desktop, smartphone or tablet. With our work schedule app you always have insight into the planning where, when and how you want. The focus is on optimal cooperation between the office staff and the field staff. Easily create and plan individual work orders, multiple colleagues on one work order, but also, for example, repeat planning for periodic maintenance from your Simon office environment. Respond easily to unforeseen issues thanks to the real-time synchronization between the office module and app. This not only puts you in complete control of planned work, but also ensures that you always have insight into your schedule.

Wondering how Simon’s work schedule app can make you work more efficiently? Our consultant would love to show it to you during a live demo.

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A change in the work scheduling software? Simon’s work schedule app notifies you immediately

Simple-Simon’s work scheduling softare always notifies your employees when a schedule change occurs. Thanks to the real-time synchronization between the office module and app, the most current work schedule is always available. In addition, the employee who is scheduled on the job will immediately receive a push notification of the change. When they open the app, they will not only see the content of what has changed within an existing job, but they will also immediately see new jobs. As a result, the field service employee is always aware of the most current schedule. Easily create and modify a work schedule.

Easily personalize Simon’s work schedule app to your needs and desires

Personalize Simple-Simon’s work schedule app completely to your needs and desires. From the office module you can create a work schedule per user, per week, but you can also create layouts for your work orders and design your own forms. Simply add your company logo to the work schedule, so that it always has a look that suits your company. From within the office module you can easily set which columns you do and which you do not want to see in your work schedule. Simon remembers these settings per user, so you can always work in a way that is comfortable for you. The app users simply set what information they want to see, and the desired language. This allows you to quickly process work orders digitally in the field.

Save time per user

Simple-Simon’s work scheduling software works very easily via smartphone or tablet. This allows your employees to view, add or edit the required information on the spot. It also eliminates the need to fill in information afterwards. The field service no longer has to drive up and down to pick up or hand in the work orders. All worked hours and consumed materials, are real-time insight for the office through Simple-Simon’s smart work scheduling software.


Highest rated work scheduling software

Simple-Simon is the most highly rated work shedule app! With an average rating of 4.8 on various platforms such as Google, Google App Store and Apple App Store. Simple-Simon is always by your side with support. We are happy to help you step by step in digitizing your work processes.

Get started today with Simple-Simon’s work order app and start working easier right away.

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