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Job Sheet App

Start digitizing your job sheets today and say goodbye to the paperwork!

Simplify your work process and job management, save time, reduce costs and increase your quality with the digital work order/job sheet app from Simple-Simon. With thousands of users in different countries Simple-Simon is market leader in the field of digital job sheets. Simple-Simon offers you an all-in-one tool that you can easily control via the desktop and your favorite smartphone or tablet. Start using Simple-Simon’s digital job sheets app today.

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The Simple-Simon job sheet app provides more overview and insight into your field service. This brings many advantages:

✅ Everything directly at hand

✅ Insight in your field service

✅ Register travel time, work time & items easily

✅ Questionnaires; checklists; maintenance forms

✅ Keep track of your customer history; always and everywhere within reach

✅ Insight into your field service; immediately view the status of a job sheet

✅ Convenient planning board with GPS tracking and repeat planning

✅ Personalise the office module or the app according to your own wishes

Go paperless with Simple-Simon:

✅ No more stacks of paper work on your desk

✅ No more spending too much time searching for a customer’s details

✅ No more calling back and forth to adjust the planning

✅ No more lost sales due to unrecorded material use

✅ No more frustrations on unreadable employee handwritings

Work faster, much easier and more professional 👍

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Easier, faster and more efficient invoicing

Integrate Simple-Simon with your accounting package to get the most out of your job sheets!

Connect your digital job sheets with your favourite CRM/ERP or accounting package in just a few steps and work even easier and simpler. The integrations can be set up directly via Simon’s office module. Change your preferences via ”settings” and follow the integration process step-by-step via ‘logging’.

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Would you like to work faster and easier in your sector? Work with the Smart Work Order App from Simple-Simon and simplify your job management, save time, money and increase your quality. Experience the benefits of Simon’s Job Sheet App for yourself!

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