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Work order software

The work order software from Simple-Simon

Simple-Simon’s job management software offers you a user-friendly all-in-one solution. For example, Simple-Simon’s work order software allows you to plan work orders in no time. This makes working with large confusing Excel sheets a thing of the past. Simon has intuitive work order management software that you can master in no time. This way you have all your appointments and work orders at a glance. With automated scheduling, you ensure that everyone is always aware of the most recently scheduled work orders.

Find out how Simon’s work order management software can help you:

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Real-time scheduling with the work order management from Simple-Simon

See where your field service is anytime, anywhere
By means of the real-time planning board in Simple-Simon’s work order management, you are immediately aware of the status of your field staff. So you always keep an overview.

Live GPS tracking
See not only instantly where your field employee is, but also how far that employee is from an address. New job or an urgent job? Instantly see which person is closest to the work address!

Work order management monthly schedule displayed
See an entire month in the schedule or jump directly to a particular day, week, or year, among others. Not only in the past, but also in the future.

Simon’s convenient work order software with personalized plan board

In Simple-Simon’s work order software, you decide entirely what can be displayed on the digital plan board. Do not only disable functions, but also use filters to retrieve the most relevant information. Do you only want to see the planning of a certain user? Then select this user in the schedule and only his or her planning will be shown. Moreover, you can easily add company closures and employee vacations, among other things.

Easily create (draft) invoices by connecting your work order management software and accounting package

Connect your Simon environment with your favorite accounting package, so that customer data and articles, among other things, are directly copied into Simple-Simon. All data for your work order directly from your accounting package? This and more can be done in just a few clicks.

Set up emails and notifications

Simple-Simon’s work order software is focused on making sure you are relieved. So you no longer have to spend unnecessary time on administrative work. Automation by our work order software is a big advantage of the app. Moreover, you benefit from many advantages, including emails and notifications.

  • No more forgetting appointments. Since from now on you can immediately send an email to your client when the schedule is made;
  • A change to an existing work order, or an entirely new appointment? No problem! Thanks to Simple-Simon’s work order software, not only your customers, but also your employees are immediately aware of the change in the appointment.

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Access to your work order management and schedule anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re on the road, at home or in the office, Simple-Simon’s work order software can be used anywhere. View, create or change a work schedule wherever and whenever you want. Field staff can also see the schedule at any time. This by using our mobile app for Android and IOS. Set specific permissions for each user and determine who can see which information in the office module. Wondering how Simple-Simon’s work order software can simplify your work processes? Schedule a live demo and discover the benefits for your business.

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Scheduling made easy with Simon’s work order management

  • Create, plan and modify your work orders
    Making a change in the planning? Done in no time with Simple-Simon. Simple-Simon’s work order management software has a few handy & time-saving features. These include drag and drop, copy/paste and repeat scheduling.
  • Repeat planning
    Are you also dealing with returning jobs? Easily schedule repeating jobs with Simple-Simon’s repeat planning! You can plan your work orders 5 years ahead with our work order management software!

Simon: the most valued work order management solution

Simple-Simon is the #1 rated work order management software and we are proud of it! We regularly update our work order software. In this way, we want to better meet the wishes and needs of our customers and the market. Every day, entrepreneurs from various industries and branches work with Simple-Simon. They have already preceded you in digitizing work processes. As a result, they now save a lot of time and money every day.