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Minimum requirements Simon App

Use devices on which the Simon App can run properly

The Simon App is built for devices that run on the latest technologies and it is therefore recommended to install the Simon App on devices that meet a number of requirements. In order to be able to use Simple-Simon without any problems, we recommend using devices with fast processors and sufficient working memory.



Over time you will use Simple-Simon more and more professionally. By this we mean that you will use more and more options such as building history, more items/objects, work orders, customer addresses, contacts and possibly also an integration with an accounting software package.

Suppose you are a start-up company and you have an old device on which the Simon App is installed and used. You import work addresses and your running items and start with scheduling your work orders. You like it, it’s simple. You import all your customers and work addresses, you activate the history module and after a while you decide to integrate with your accounting package. Fortunately, your business is successful, you grow fast and eventually you have a thousand customers and a thousand articles. Logically, all these customers and articles are linked to a history, articles, work addresses, work orders and also an integration.

Simon customers start small (little data) but this becomes more and more as time goes by. The larger your company becomes, the more the Simon App will demand memory and processor speed from your device. On average, Simon customers have thousands of articles with photos and barcodes, thousands to tens of thousands of customers/work addresses, 5 to 10 beautifully designed questionnaires, know immediately what happened last time with each visit, etc. The Simon app is then an important tool, where ultimately your invoice to your end customer is based on. Saving on hardware is not smart then. So make sure you choose a device that can handle it and grow with you. Professional use needs professional hardware. Technology is moving fast and you don’t want to start behind


What are the minimum requirements?

Start right away with Simple-Simon and choose devices that can grow with you. See below what the minimum requirements are for a device (Android & IOS).

Requirements Android Smartphone Tablet
Processor advice: 2,3 GHz octa-core (8 cores) 2,3 GHz octa-core (8 cores)
Storage advice: 64 GB + 64 GB +
Storage minimum: 32 GB 32 GB
RAM memory advice: 4 GB + 4 GB +
RAM memory minimum: 2-3 GB 2-3 GB
Android advice: 9.0 or higher 9.0 or higher
Requirements IOS Smartphone Tablet
Processor advice: 1,4-GHz dual-core 1.2 Quad Core
Storage advice: 32 GB 32 GB
RAM memory advice: 1 GB 1 GB
iOS advice:
(note: make sure your device can continue to receive iOS updates for
for the next 3 years)
iOS 12+ iOS 12+