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Integrate Simple-Simon with QuickBooks. Work faster and easier.

Are you a QuickBooks user and looking for a work order app? Look no further. Digitize your work orders with Simple-Simon’s smart work order app and save time, money and increase your quality. Integrate Simple-Simon with QuickBooks and start working even smarter!

Work with Simple-Simon: the Smart Work Order App.

Accelerate your Process

The work orders can be scheduled for your field staff in a handy weekly schedule. Different colors are used to show the status of a work order. Register used articles, take pictures, complete checklists and ask for customer signature. Work on- and offline. Gain insight into travel time, the number of hours worked, breaks, and customer information.


Make fewer mistakes

No more forgotten work orders or missed appointments. No missed turnover due to forgotten, lost or poorly filled work orders. Fast and error-free communication between the office and the field ensures a correct invoice.


Communicate faster with each other

Because your employees are using the Simon app which synchronizes in real-time, all data is sent directly to the office module. In this way, your office workers can see the status of the work order and respond to this if necessary. Back and forth phone calls are history!

Work even smarter by Integrating QuickBooks with Simple-Simon:

The integration between QuickBooks and Simple-Simon comes with plenty of advantages, as you:

  1. Can send your bill quicker and you make fewer mistakes. (controlling data on spot)
  2. Simon automatically acquires all your customers and products and services from QuickBooks and this is directly available in Simon.
  3. Your work order is finished in Simple-Simon, the archived work order is sent back to QuickBooks as a draft invoice.
  4. Is your work order ready? Within 5 minutes the bill can be sent to your customer.
  5. It makes processing work order effortless, directly saves time and money!
  6. The integration can be easily created by yourself, ready within 5 minutes.

Simply manage your data in one spot.

When you activate the integration via Simple-Simon, QuickBooks becomes the main ERP system. Customers and articles should be added to Quickbooks. Simple-Simon automatically updates according to the mutations that are done in QuickBooks. Add your customers and articles to QuickBooks. Simon will copy these and you can start creating and planning your work orders!

Integrate Simple-Simon with QuickBooks easily.

You can integrate the Simons’ Smart Work Order app very easily with QuickBooks. Just simply go to your dashboard and find the “integrations” menu. From here you can easily integrate Simple-Simon with QuickBooks. Our step-by-step guide will help you along with the integration!

Maintenance costs of integration

The first year you can use the Simple-Simon and QuickBooks integration for free. After the first year, the maintenance costs are €20 per month. However, to keep administrative costs low, these are billed annually in advance. These costs are necessary to keep the integration up to date. You can read more about the technology behind the integration and the maintenance costs here. Read the general terms and conditions of use regarding integrations here.

Try now 14 days for free! 

Do you also want to work faster and easier in your industry? Work with the Smart Work Order App from Simple-Simon and save time, money and ensure a professional appearance. Do you want to experience the benefits of Simon’s Work Order App with QuickBooks? Sign up for a free trial account! Try 14 days for free.

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