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Integrations: simple right?

The technology behind integrations!

By connecting your Simple-Simon account with your favorite accounting package, you not only get the most out of your work orders, but also increase the efficiency of your work processes. Within Simple-Simon, a team of 6 developers ensures that our integrations are, and remain up-to-date.

What measures does Simple-Simon take to keep integrations up and running?

  1. There is a dedicated cloud server within the Simon infrastructure. That’s where the integration software is hosted;
  2. This server is rented by us with high availability;
  3. To enable encryption of both messages and traffic, paid certificates are installed annually;
  4. The database server where the storage of data takes place is subject to regular updates. We must follow these updates or the integrations will no longer work;
  5. All our partners provide api’s, which they update regularly. Our software has to follow these changes. A small change already means immediate adjustment, testing and installation;
  6. Sometimes partners have compelling requirements for an integration, which must be implemented in a short period of time;
  7. New developments in the field of data exchange are implemented on a regular basis. Both on the side of the integration partner and also on the side of Simple-Simon;
  8. Functional expansions on both the integration partner’s side, and Simple-Simon’s side, leads to the need to adjust the integration to suit;
  9. Integrations range from simple to extensive. The support team must keep up with all these developments to achieve efficient deployment to customers;
  10. More than 70% of all support questions are related to an integration;
  11. Some partners require an annual audit to demonstrate that the integration meets all requirements;
  12. Several partners charge Simple-Simon a fee to use the api’s.