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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integrate Simple-Simon’s digital work orders with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment and work faster and easier.

Bring your sales, services, finance and operations teams together with a single cloud-based business management solution. Go beyond the promise of automation and process improvements to transform your business with the ability to adapt faster, perform better and work smarter. Get started today with the option that best meets your business needs.

Let sales explain to you the benefits of the intergration between Simple-Simon and Business Central in a 30-minute demo.

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In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business, work orders from Simon are easily managed

With Simple-Simon, you can easily create work orders and then manage in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business the work order. Create a work order in Simon’s office module and assign it to a colleague in the field. Your field staff can not only work on the work order in our app, but also easily record travel and work hours. Also register consumed items, take pictures, fill out checklists and ask for a signature from the customer. Moreover, you can work online and offline interchangeably.

Better communication between the office and the field

Your office employees use the office module that synchronizes in real time with the Simon app. The office staff can immediately schedule or edit a work order if needed. Calling back and forth is a thing of the past! Simple-Simon works on all devices (smartphones & tablets) and is available for Android & iOS.

Make sure your invoice is correct

By digitizing your work orders, you say goodbye to paperwork forever. As a result, you will not miss out on any turnover due to forgotten, lost or badly completed work orders. Thanks to the fast and flawless communication between the internal and external departments, you are assured of a correct invoice.

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business gives our customers the following advantages:

  • Invoice faster and make fewer errors.
  • Simon retrieves all your items, customers, visit and delivery addresses (also sales orders or quotations preferably) from Dynamics 365 and these are directly available in Simon.
  • You handle your work order in Simple-Simon, the archived work orders are automatically returned as a sales order or concept invoice.
  • Work order ready? 5 minutes later, the invoice can already be sent to the customer.
  • Make work order processing simple, it saves time and money immediately!
  • Easy to arrange yourself, within 5 minutes your link is ready.
  • Get started quickly by creating a test account for fully integrated testing.
  • The integration can be set up in your Simon environment under ‘integrations’.

The integration can be fully personalised.

Manage your data easily in one place.

When you activate the integration via Simple-Simon, Dynamics 365 Business Central becomes leading. Customers and articles have to be added to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Simon retrieves these and you can start creating and planning your work orders!

Note: Always pass on changes to customers and articles via Dynamics 365 Business Central so that Simon can retrieve the correct data.

Integrate Simple-Simon easily with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You can integrate Simple-Simon’s Smart Work Order app with Dynamics 365 Business Central* very easily. Just go to your dashboard to the “integrations” menu and select Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Once you have selected your integration, you will be guided step-by-step through the integration process.
  • For a detailed guide: click on “Integration details” at the bottom of the page.

*Please note that in order to use all the necessary API functions, you need to ensure that your Dynamics 365 Business Central license meets the supplier’s requirements for this purpose.

Maintenance costs of integration

The first year you can use the Simple-Simon and Dynamics 365 Business Central integration for free. After the first year, the maintenance costs are $43 per month. However, to keep administrative costs low, these are billed annually in advance. These costs are necessary to keep the integration up to date. You can read more about the technology behind the integration and the maintenance costs here. Read the general terms and conditions of use regarding integrations here.

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