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Timesheet app




Simple time registration with The Smart Work Order app!

As an entrepreneur, you undoubtedly know how important it is for the administration to have the time registration in order. Both for forwarding to the accounting department, the bookkeeper or the linked integration. The time registration of Simple-Simon’s digital work order app ensures that you can arrange your hours in 1 click. With Simple-Simon it doesn’t have to be that complicated

Do you want to know how? Then read on quickly ?

Time registration with Simple-Simon's app: simple, clear & reliable

Simple-Simon’s user-friendly time registration ensures that you can register your hours with 3 handy buttons. Afterwards you will find the registered hours immediately in a handy overview at the office.

  • Choose travel, work and/or break time ?
  • Work order completed? Check the registered hours ?
  • Made a mistake? Adjust the registered hours during the completion of the work order and only request a signature from the customer after the change! ?
  • Quick overview of the hours worked ?

Personal advice/help with registering your hours in Simple-Simon?

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Real-time planning

Simple-Simon’s clear planning board ensures that you can see the time registration of the field service at a glance. This way you know immediately how far the field service is and when they are ready for the next job.

  • Filter by users in the schedule board ?
  • Immediately the hours worked in a handy overview at the office ?
  • Status recognition: Simple-Simon’s work orders work with colors so that you can immediately see the status of a work order ?
  • Real-time sync with office! ?

Start your time registration today!

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Quick overview of the time registration

After the work order, Simple-Simon offers various options to view the time registration

  • Filter per work address on the hours worked ?
  • Excel printout of the weekly planning per user ?
  • Full week reports ?
  • Overview of travel and working hours per day ?

Curious what else you can do with Simple-Simon besides time registration?

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