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Simple-Simon is there for every industry

For whom?

Wondering if you can use Simon’s Smart Work Order App?
Then all you have to do is answer the following question: does your company have any people working in the field? If yes, then Simple-Simon is suitable for you and your employees (also for freelancers). Say goodbye to paperwork and save time, money and increase quality. Simplify your work process with your colleagues and Communicate faster and more easily with your customers!

See below which industries are already using the Simple-Simon Smart Work Order App
from Simple-Simon, and how they have used our work order app.

Security - BTN-EyeSecurity - Yvonne Seijkens

“We have been working with the Simple Simon work order app for a few months now. The app is user friendly for the people on the shop floor and after a training how the app works to the mechanics and a short test/start-up phase, there are very positive reactions. Both from the mechanics and from the customers. The link to SnelStart makes invoicing easier and saves time. Data is stored, it is safe, the app is functional. The customer service department is easily accessible and always helpful. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the app and are looking forward to the new version 2.0 that will be even more user-friendly.”


“Our company has been working with this app for a very long time and now that there is a new version 2.0,
it works even better. Thanks Simple-Simon”.

Brigitte Blommers – Aktie Totaalinstallateurs B.V.


“Previously we had many paper work orders to process from the mechanics, Now with Simple-Simon we don’t have to lose any more work orders and they
are ready to be processed as invoices in Exact. Because of Simple Simon we can work faster and have an even more professional image!”

Danny Piersma – Heuvelland Installation Company


Air conditioning/heat - Warmtemeter Service

“We started using Simple-Simon to get rid of the paper flow of work orders. It is also a very handy tool for the planning.
Customers who change appointments can be processed directly in the planning so that the service engineer is informed immediately.
When the work order is processed, we receive immediate feedback in Exact Online, so we can also process the invoicing much faster.”

Sewerage - Taurus

“Great user-friendly system with many possibilities! Fast and personal service, the company is very easy to reach and works with regular contact persons who are immersed in their customer’s industry. Because of this, they are very well able to advise on the setup of your system and receipts flow. The support days went well for us and experienced as very pleasant. Thank you on behalf of Taurus Riooltechniek!”







Plumber - Peter sterkenburg

“Great tool, I’ve been working with it for a few years now and haven’t found anything comparable. The online software is still developing but remains surprisingly simple to use. I wouldn’t know how to run my business without it, and all that for an exceptionally low price and no long-term contracts.
In short: there simply is nothing better.”


Industrial kitchens - Beuk catering

“We have been using Simple-Simon since early 2014 to our complete satisfaction. Scheduling the mechanics is super easy and the transition from
paper work orders to digital work orders makes our business process many times more efficient!”

Carwash - Savona

“We are very happy with the Simple-Simon app, from paper to digital work order, saves a lot of time, especially in the administrative processing and ensures fewer errors when adding used materials. And our customer has the work order quickly in his mailbox.”






Gardening company - Paul Swinkels

“We started using the programme recently because we want to get rid of paper, digitise planning and save processing time. With this programme
(through the office environment and the mobile app), this is possible. The link with the accounting system means that finished work orders are immediately ready for invoicing. We highly recommend following the course, as everything is clearly explained so that you can get started right away!

Construction - Loospaneelbouw

“We were working with manual receipts but that was a lot of trouble, also for the administration itself. The advantage of Simple-Simon is that all articles
which we have in the car/warehouse are also in Simple-Simon. The mechanics can easily select and process the items in the receipt.”




ICT - De boer kantoorcentrum

“We have been working with Simple Simon for years and it is an added value within our company. Recently we made the switch to Exact Online to realise an even better work order flow. We are perfectly supported by the team of Simple-Simon!”





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