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Digital work order

Simple-Simon’s digital work order. Say goodbye to your paper work orders

Not only simplify your work process, but also save time and costs. Moreover, you will easily increase your work quality with Simple-Simon’s digital work order app.

With thousands of users in several countries, Simple-Simon is the market leader in digital work orders. Simple-Simon offers you an all-in-one app that you can easily control via desktop and your favorite smartphone or tablet. Start using Simple-Simon today.

Watch our video on the right and see how to easily create a digital work order yourself.

Why Simple-Simon’s digital work order software?

With Simple-Simon’s digital work order software, you can easily digitize your work orders. This way you benefit from, among other things:

✅ No more piles of paperwork on your desk with a digital work order;

✅ Never search for the correct data of a customer again, but always have up-to-date customer data at hand;

✅ No more calling back and forth to coordinate schedules;

✅ No lost sales due to unrecorded material consumption;

✅ No frustrations due to illegible handwriting by staff.

Work faster, easier and more professionally with Simple-Simon’s digital work order software

What advantages do digital work orders with Simple-Simon offer you?

Digitizing work orders with Simple-Simon is a piece of cake. With Simon’s digital work order software, you can have your first digital work order in less than 5 minutes. What’s more:

✅ Not only do you have your administration in order, but also everything in one handy overview;

✅ Personalize the office module or the app to your liking. This way, it will always fit your needs and desires;

✅ Add questionnaires, checklists and maintenance forms to your digital work orders, among other things;

✅ Build history with your customers, giving you insight into important customer information anytime, anywhere;

✅ Insight into your inside and outside sales, in addition, you can immediately see the status of your digital work order;

✅ GPS tracking.

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Discover the most important features of Simple-Simon

Time recording with the digital work order app from Simple-Simon: simple, clear & reliable

The time registration of Simple-Simon ensures that you know how to register your hours in just one click. With Simple-Simon it doesn’t have to be complicated. You simply register your work and travel time.

Real time plan board & personalized plan board

Simple-Simon’s real time planning board ensures that you are immediately informed about the status of your field staff. Want to know how far your colleagues are at a work address? Then use Simon’s handy GPS tracking tool. Simple-Simon allows you to set up the planning board completely according to your own wishes. As a result, the planning board will always perfectly match your corporate image. Disable functions or use filters to bring out the most relevant information. Moreover, this way you make the digitization of work orders with Simple-Simon as easy as possible to use.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re on the road, at home or in the office, Simple-Simon’s digital work order can be used anywhere. Simon’s digital work order software works both offline and online. View, create or change a schedule whenever and wherever you want. Even your field staff can see the schedule at any time by using our mobile app for Android and IOS.

A digital work order: no more searching for lost work orders!

Invoice easier, faster and more efficiently

Would you like to integrate your digital work orders with your accounting package in order to get the most out of your work orders? Just like that.

Integrate your digital work orders with your favorite CRM/ERP system or accounting package in just a few steps. This way you will not only work even easier, but also more efficiently. The integration can be set up directly via Simon’s office module. Change your preferences via “settings” and follow the integration process step by step via “logging”.

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Do you also want to work faster and easier in your industry? Work with the digital work order app from Simple-Simon and save time, money and ensure a professional appearance. Experience the advantages of Simple-Simon yourself, without any obligation! Start your free 14-day trial.

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