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Work order app

The smart work order app

Are you looking for a reliable work order management app? We are happy to tell you why you should choose the mobile work order app from Simple-Simon!

Are you, as an entrepreneur, still looking for a suitable solution for your planning, time registration and material management? Then you have come to the right place. Simplify your work process with Simple-Simon. With thousands of users in different countries, Simple-Simon is the market leader in digital work orders. With Simon’s work order app you save time, costs and also increase the quality! This can be done very easily on desktop and your favorite smartphone or tablet. Save time today and work even more efficiently by using Simple-Simon.

Also the best work order management app for freelancers

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The Smart Work Order solutions from Simple-Simon: not only save time and money, but also increase your work quality.

A mobile work order app? For whom is the work order management app from Simple-Simon?

Does your company have people working in the field and do your employees use (paper) work orders? If so, then the Simple-Simon work order app is suitable for you and your employees (also for freelancers). Simple-Simon’s work order app is used by plumbers, electricians, installation companies, security guards, landscapers, IT professionals and many other industries. Simplify your work process by switching to mobile work orders. As a result, you also communicate faster with your colleagues and customers!

See below the benefits that our customers gain after switching to Simple-Simon’s work order management app.

Working paperless with digital work order management

When we communicate with companies, it is primarily about irritations about the current working method. A method that has crept in over the years. For example, collecting or returning receipts, illegible handwriting, lost work orders, retyping receipts & slow mutual communication. Use Simple-Simon’s smart work order app and say goodbye to these irritations. Save time, money and increase your quality with Simple-Simon’s work order management solution.

More insight into your projects

The smart work order app provides the necessary insights into your projects. In a handy weekly schedule, the digital work orders for the field staff can be scheduled at the relevant customer. By means of colors in the planning you can quickly see the status of the order in the work order app. Gain insight into travel time, customer information, the number of hours worked and breaks, among other things. As a result, you will never lose information regarding hours and the work performed.

Save time per user

Simple-Simon’s digital work order tool works very easily with smartphone or tablet. This allows your employees to add or edit the necessary information on site. This also means that nothing has to be filled in afterwards. The field staff no longer has to drive up and down to pick up or hand in the work orders. All hours worked and materials used can be viewed in real time at the office through Simple-Simon’s smart work order app.

Communicate faster and better

Simple-Simon’s smart work order app consists of an app and an office module. Because your employees use the mobile work order app that synchronizes real time, all data is sent directly to the office module. This way your office employees can see the status of a work order and respond to this when necessary. In addition, the contact between internal and external staff will also improve enormously. Since any changes in the planning can be communicated easily and quick with the app. This makes calling back and forth a thing of the past!

Connect Simon’s work order app and invoice easier, faster and more efficiently

Do you want to link Simple-Simon with your accounting package to get the most out of your digital work order? Done like that.

Simple-Simon’s work order management app can be linked to various accounting packages and can import important information such as customer data, article groups, projects, etc. These are therefore directly available in Simon. Connect the digital work order app with your favorite CRM/ERP or accounting package in just a few steps and work even easier and faster. The integrations can be configured directly in Simon’s office module.

Opt for paperless working with Simple-Simon’s work order app

Work faster, simpler and more professionally:

  • No more piles of paperwork on your desk;
  • Build history with your customers;
  • Always keep your administration in order and at hand;
  • No more calling back and forth to coordinate the schedule;
  • No lost turnover due to unregistered material consumption;
  • Not longer frustrations of illegible handwriting from staff;
  • Efficient and improved overview of tasks.

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The Simple-Simon work order app provides more overview and insight into your field staff. This brings many advantages:

  • Everything directly at hand
  • More overview
  • Insight into your field service
  • Direct customer information
  • Personalize the office module or app to your own needs
  • Object information
  • Questionnaires, checklists and maintenance forms
  • Handy planning board with GPS tracking and repeat scheduling

Simplify your work process with the digital work order app. All advantages in short:

Save time

When you work with digital work orders in the Simple-Simon work order app, you immediately save 3 to 6 minutes per job  sheet.

Quality improvement

Increase your quality with the smart work order app from Simple-Simon. Plan your digital work orders with Simon’s planning board, easily keep track of your hours, materials and customer information in one overview.

Easy to integrate

Get the most out of your digital work orders by easily linking the Simple-Simon work order app to your favorite accounting package. Simple-Simon connects by default with more than 50 integrations.

An app for work orders? How does it work?

  • Plan your digital work orders with the digital planning board. Quickly create work orders and deploy your colleagues for the relevant orders. Overview of your planning at a glance;
  • The real-time synchronization with the work order app ensures that your colleagues are immediately aware of the scheduled orders;
  • Your colleagues in the field can then edit and process the digital work order. Because the work order app synchronizes real-time with the desktop environment, all changes made are immediately visible on the desktop and vice versa;
  • After reporting the digital work order as ready, you can immediately create the invoice and immediately send it to the customer;
  • Connect with your accounting package and synchronize, among other things, customers, articles and article groups;
  • Simple-Simon’s digital work order uses 2 modules; a desktop environment and an app.

Simple-Simon: transparent & effective

At Simple-Simon, we strive to provide our customers with a versatile app that offers many useful features, yet remains affordable for both a SMB and self-employed person. No contract or other obligations; what you see is what you get. Simple-Simon’s smart work order app is transparent, clear and has no fine print. You can start with Simple-Simon’s digital work orders for only DKK 190 per user per month. Simple-Simon can be canceled monthly!

Simple-Simon’s goal is to provide a work order app that is as simple as possible, yet has many different options. Efficiency comes first, we show this in Simple Simon by using an efficient and well-arranged planning board and the time registration is also very clear and easy to adjust. Switch to Simple-Simon’s digital work order app now.

Quality and flexibility

Quality comes first at Simple-Simon. We try to reflect this not only in our work order app, but also in the service we provide to our customers. Our support team does not consist of bots, but people. We always like to listen and try to help our customers as best as we can. We are available by phone, email and chat.

At Simple Simon you are really not committed to anything. You decide when to start and when to stop. No contracts, minimum purchase or fine print.

Digitize your work orders within 5 minutes

Simple-Simon is the most rated work order app! With an average rating of 4.8 on different platforms like Google, Google Play Store, Apple App Store etc. Simple-Simon support team is there to help you step by step with the digitization of your work orders.

Start today with Simple-Simon and start working easier.

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