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BRONZE 1450 NOK (ex.VAT)
SILVER 2625 NOK (ex.VAT)
GOLD 4350 NOK (ex.VAT)
1 hour training
2 hours training
Half day training (3,5 hours)
Full day training (7 hours)
Starting with Simon – Answering all your questions
General knowledge & Answering all your questions
In-depth knowledge & implementation Office/App
Everything from Gold & fully trained app users
Quality guarantee: 30 min aftercare
Quality guarantee: 60 min aftercare
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Starting with Simple-Simon

The smart work order app from Simple-Simon is full of useful features and possibilities. In order to be able to immediately use all parts of Simon without worries and to be able to use all features optimally, we advise you to take part in a Simple-Simon training.

The training consists of all important parts of Simon’s smart work order app. In addition, Simon will be focused and streamlined on your business so that you can get started immediately with the smart work order app. After the training you will have the right workflow knowledge to make the most of Simon’s smart work order app for your business!

Online and onsite training

The training courses are online, but it is also possible at your location. If you want the training at your location, please contact: