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Workforce scheduling app

Hassle-free rostering and staff scheduling is possible with Simple-Simon’s workforce scheduling app!

A workforce scheduling app that, among other things, takes into account staff availability. It also gives you a clear overview of the hours worked. Get more control over your planning with the all-in-one mobile workforce scheduling software from Simple-Simon.


Deploy the right people with the right skills at the right time. Get an overview of the daily schedule by filtering, or personalize the entire planning board to your liking. All this and more is possible with the strategic personnel planning tool from Simple-Simon!




A workforce scheduling app that always informs the field staff of a changes in the workforce planning app.

Will anything change in the schedule? The field service immediately receives a push notification of the changed staff scheduling. When opening the app, they will also see what has changed or what has been added to their schedule. In this way, the field service is always aware of the most current planning.

Create direct internal communication by also working with note fields or your own columns.

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Create your personal company schedule in Simon’s workforce planning app

Does the business have a Christmas shutdown, summer shutdown, or any other day when the entire business is closed? Then set up a company schedule in the workforce scheduling app. Simons digital planning board always takes your schedule into account! You can also set up different schedules per employee for your staff scheduling.

Set the company schedule in your office module and see this immediately in the planning.

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Easier and smarter planning – Accessible anytime, anywhere, wherever you are

The real time synch with the workforce scheduling app ensures that the created staff scheduling is always visible on your smartphone. Changes are immediately synced with Simon’s mobile workforce scheduling  software, so that everyone is always informed about the schedule.

Curious what else you can do with Simple-Simon besides a workforce scheduling app?

  • Register your travel, work and/or break times with Simple-Simon’s time registration
  • Personalized digital planning board from Simple-Simon;
  • Do you want to know how to make your first work order in 5 minutes? We’d love to tell you that!


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