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Work order example

View a example of a work order example from Simple-Simon here

Looking for a work order? Say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork by digitizing your work orders. Simplify your work process and work clearly. Save costs and increase your quality. Simple-Simon’s digital work order app has various components that help you and your colleagues in the field. Think of registering hours and materials, but also comments and object management. The parts can be arranged according to your own wishes:

  • Work order / customer information
  • Time registration
  • Used articles
  • Object information
  • Questionnaires
  • Comments
  • Signature

What is a digital work order?

A digital work orderis a work order that you can use and edit digitally. This can be done very easily via the desktop and your favorite smartphone or tablet with IOS or Andriod. Say goodbye to paperwork by using Simple-Simon’s digital work order app.

How do you use a digital work order?

  • Simple-Simon’s smart work order uses a desktop environment and an app;
  • You can easily create, schedule and assign work order to your colleagues with the planning board on your desktop;
  • The desktop environment synchronizes real-time with the app so that your colleagues are aware of the scheduled work order;
  • Your colleagues in the field can then edit and process the work order. Because the app synchronizes in real time with the desktop environment, all changes made are immediately visible on the desktop and vice versa.

Simplify your work process, increase your quality and save costs.

Speed up your process

Scheduling work order takes place in real time, hours and materials are efficiently registered on the work order. As soon as the work order is ready, the invoice can be made. If you choose one of our integrations, your invoice is immediately ready in your own accounting program.

Make fewer mistakes

No more forgotten receipts or missed appointments. No lost turnover due to forgotten, lost or poorly completed work order. Fast and error-free communication between the office and the field ensures a correct invoice.

Communicate with your customer

Send a text message or email about your schedule. Use your own forms with checklists, photos to inform your customer about the work performed. When the work order is ready, you can email the work order and your own forms to your customer.

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