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Digital scheduling app

The digital scheduling board

The Simple-Simon digital scheduling board enables you to see at a glance not only your planning for the day, but also your weekly planning. This way you create an overview of the work to be done and get more grip on your planning. With Simon’s digital scheduling board, you benefit from, among other things:

  • Create, plan and change your work orders
    Change something in the planning? No problem with Simple-Simon.  Simple-Simon’s digital scheduling board has a few handy & time-saving features like drag and drop, copy/paste and repeat schedules;
  • User rights
    Set per user specific rights and determine who can see what in the office module;
  • Repeat planning
    Do you also have to deal with recurring jobs? Plan your recurring jobs very easily in Simple-Simon;
  • Plan 5 years in advance
    Plan your work orders in advance;
  • Leave, illness or holidays
    Company closed during holidays? Add this to your planning and see it immediately in the digital planning board app. It can also be shown in the planning in case of illness or leave;
  • Individual user work schedules
    You can also set up a schedule for each user. The Simple-Simon digital scheduling app finally takes into account the schedule of the user!

Real-time planning

The Simple-Simon digital scheduling board has a direct synchronisation with our planning board app. This means that changes are implemented immediately. This means that your field staff immediately sees the new and most current planning.

The field staff also receives push notifications from the app. So they are immediately informed.

Live GPS tracking

The digital scheduling appd includes a GPS function. This allows you to immediately see how far your field staff member is from an address. New job? See immediately which person is closest to the work address!

Status colour

The Simple-Simon digital scheduling board works with different ‘status colours’. By means of the colour of the work order, you can immediately see how far your field service has progressed.


Personalised digital planning board

In the Simple-Simon digital planning board app you decide what can be shown on the digital planning board. For example, do not only disable functions, but also use filters to bring out the most relevant information. Do you only want to see the planning of a certain user? Then select this user in the planning. Then you will only see the planning of this person.

Integrate with your accounting package

Integrate with your accounting package

Integrate the digital scheduling board with your accounting or ERP system. This way, you need to perform fewer manual actions. Because data is transferred.

Don’t just collect quotations and invoices, but also orders and convert them into work orders that can be planned immediately!

Not only does this save a lot of time, but you also work flawlessly. This way, everyone works with the same data.

Wondering what else you can do with Simple-Simon besides the digital scheduling board?

  • Register your travel, work and/or break times with the convenient time registration app from Simple-Simon;
  • Digitize work orders easily;
  • Want to know how to digitize your first work order in less than 5 minutes? We are happy to tell you!

Download the digital work order app!