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  • No contract
  • No annual contract or other requirements
  • No price increasing tick boxes or starting from prices
€ 20 monthly Per user
  • All functionalities, field & office module included
  • One licence per team is sufficient
  • Free integration Google, Outlook, Apple Calendar

Integration with Cloud accounting software: first year free of charge. After that € 20,- per month, to be paid annually in advance.
See here where the maintenance costs are based on.

Different training methods to make a smooth start.

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Save with Simple-Simons Smart Workbon app right away:

  • Your planning is efficient
  • No empty timeframes, no back and forth calls
  • Fewer errors, no loss of work orders
  • No picking up work orders, handing in, deciphering
  • You bill faster

An enquiry with our customers shows that the time saved on administrative tasks is at least 3 to 6 minutes per work order. This calculator calculates with the lower limit: 3 minutes. Per month with 20 working days, 12 months in the year.

Costs Simon


Savings per year :

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Simple-Simon in various industries:

Installation & Maintenance


Electrical engineering



Air conditioning/heat