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Employee scheduling software

Creating timetables without worries is possible with Simple-Simon’s employee scheduling software!

A employee scheduling app that, among other things, takes into account staff availability. It also gives you a clear overview of the hours worked. Get more control over your planning with Simple-Simon’s all-in-one employee scheduling software.

Assign the right people with the right skills at the right time. Get an overview of the daily planning by filtering, or personalize the entire planning board to your own requirements and desires. All this and more is possible with Simple-Simon’s strategic workforce planning tool!

Simple-Simon the best job scheduling software for work orders.

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Working paperless with Simon’s employee scheduling app

When we communicate with companies, the first thing we hear is a lot of irritation about the current way of working. Working methods that have become ingrained over the years. For example, picking up or returning receipts, illegible handwriting, lost documents, retyping of documents & slow mutual communication. Use Simple-Simon’s employee sheduling software of your job management, and say goodbye to these irritations. Save time, money and increase your quality with Simple-Simon

More insight into your projects

Our job scheduling software gives the necessary insight into your projects. Simple-Simon can be scheduled for field staff in a convenient weekly schedule at the respective customer. Through colors in the schedule, you can quickly see the status of the job in the job scheduling software. Among other things, get insight into travel time, customer information, the number of hours worked and breaks. As a result, you never lose information regarding hours and work performed.

Scheduling made easy with Simon’s employee scheduling app

  • Create, plan and modify your work orders
    Making a change in the planning? Done in no time with Simple-Simon. Simple-Simon’s work order management software has a few handy & time-saving features. These include drag and drop, copy/paste and repeat scheduling.
  • Repeat planning
    Are you also dealing with returning jobs? Easily schedule repeating jobs with Simple-Simon’s repeat planning! You can plan your work orders 5 years ahead with our work order management software!

Save time per user

Simple-Simon’s employee scheduling software works very easily on smartphone or tablet. This allows your employees to view, add or edit the required information on the spot. It also eliminates the need to fill in information afterwards. The field service no longer has to drive up and down to pick up or hand in the work orders. All worked hours and consumed materials, are real-time insight for the office through Simple-Simon’s smart employee scheduling app.

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Communicate faster and better

Simple-Simon’s employee scheduling software consists of an employee scheduling app and office module. Because your employees use an app that synchronizes in real time, all data is sent directly to the office module. This allows your office to see the status of a job and respond to it when necessary. Moreover, the contact between office, and field staff will also improve tremendously. Since any changes in the planning can be easily and quickly communicated through Simon’s job scheduling software. This makes calling back and forth a thing of the past!

Simon: the most valued employee scheduling app

Simple-Simon is the #1 rated job scheduling software and we are proud of it! We regularly update our employee scheduling software. In this way, we want to better meet the wishes and needs of our customers and the market. Every day, entrepreneurs from various industries and branches work with Simple-Simon. They have already preceded you in digitizing work processes. As a result, they now save a lot of time and money every day.

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