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Digital work order or paper work order

Digital work order or still a paper work order

A digital work order or paper work order, which one do you prefer? Performing repairs, installations or (periodic) maintenance, for example, starts with the creation of a work order. This can be done on paper, as well as digitally. If you still work with paper work orders, there is a good chance you have piles of paper work orders on your desk every week. Do you no longer want to spend time sorting and processing these, often illegible documents? Then Simple-Simon’s job management software is your total solution. With Simon you not only digitize your work processes without any problems, but you also easily create digital work orders. Not quite convinced yet? Read below some of the advantages of digital work orders compared to paper work orders.

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Avoid disadvantages of paper work orders

With paper work orders, you not only spend a lot of time each week completing your administration, but working with paper orders is time-consuming and error-prone.

✔️ Time-consuming – First print and collect work orders, then manually fill them out and finally get them signed by your customer. Then at the end of the workday, the employee has to go back to the office to turn in the work orders. Then an administrative assistant must check the data on the work order, manually type it on the computer and finally prepare the invoice and send it to the customer.

✔️ Error-prone – Manual data entry is error-prone. Because you fill out the work order quickly, you may forget to write down important information. Which means you have to contact the customer again. But deciphering colleagues’ handwriting can also be a challenge. This can result in accidentally copying the wrong data onto the computer.

✔️ Unnecessary amount of paperwork – Work orders lying around, lost paper work orders, loose forms and folders full of paper administrations. Avoid spending a lot of time trying to complete your paperwork. This and more, can be easily taken care of with Simon. This includes adding forms to your work order and working completely digitally. In addition, your customer can easily sign the work order digitally.

Do these frustrations sound familiar to you? Start digitizing your work orders today.


Reasons to choose digital work orders

With digital work orders, you can easily avoid the above mentioned disadvantages of paper work orders. In addition, working with Simon’s job management software brings more benefits, such as:
✔️ Keeping duplicate administrations is a thing of the past;
✔️Everywhere, easily create and schedule work orders. Urgent job? Give the work order an eye-catching color so it stands out immediately;
✔️ Because Simon’s office module and app synchronize in real time, changes to work orders and customer data, among other things, are communicated instantly. Thus, affected employees and customers are immediately informed, and you avoid standing in front of a closed door;
✔️ Anytime, anywhere insight into your appointments and notes, among other things;
✔️The connection to your favorite accounting package is easy to make yourself. For example, you can easily send a draft invoice back to your accounting package.

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