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Field service management

Simple-Simon offers you a user-friendly and simple all-in-one field service management software.

Simple-Simon: the field service software for your workorders!

Simple-Simon’s field service planning offers the convenience of planning your work orders in no time. Working with large, confusing Excel sheets belongs to the past. Simple-Simon offers you an intuitive planning software that you can master in no time. All your appointments and work orders at a glance. With an automated planning you ensure that your customers and field staff are always aware of the latest planned work orders.

Always and everywhere an overview of your field service
Simple-Simon’s real-time planning board ensures that you are immediately updated on the status of the field service.

Live GPS tracking
Immediately see where your field service is or how far your field service is from an address. New job? Instantly see which employee is closest to the work address!

Monthly planning displayed
See a complete month in the planning or jump directly to a specific day, week month or year in the past or future.


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Simple-Simon’s field service software ensures that you are relieved and unburdened. Automation is a major advantage of the app.

  • Never forget an appointment again because from now on you just send an email to the customer as soon as a planning is created
  • Changes to the work order or a new appointment? The field service will be notified of the recent changes

In Simple-Simon field service software you decide exactly what should be shown on the planning board. Disable functions or use filters to get the most relevant information. If you only want to see a certain user’s planning, then select this user in the planning and only his planning will be shown.

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Accessible anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re on the road, at home or in the office, Simple-Simon’s field service software can be used anywhere. View, create or change a schedule whenever and wherever you want. Even field staff can see the schedule at any time by using our mobile app for Android and IOS.

Create, plan and modify your work orders
Need to change something in the planning? Just a quick fix with Simple-Simon.  Simple-Simon’s planning software has a few handy & time-saving features such as drag and drop, copy/paste and repeat schedules

User specific rights
Set specific permissions for each user and determine who can see what in the office module

Repeat planning
Do you also have to deal with repetitive jobs? Then plan your repeat schedules very easily in Simple-Simon!

Plan 5 years in advance
Plan your work orders in advance!

Leave, illness or holidays
If your company is closed during the holidays, fill this in and it will be shown in the planning. It can also be shown in the planning in case of illness or leave.

Individual user work schedules
Set up a schedule per user. The Simple-Simon planning software takes into account the schedule of the user!


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