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Make your own connection

Getting Started

In order to most securely protect your data, the following restrictions on the use of the api apply:

  • The user/pass you use must have an active license for the current month. This does not have to be an additional user.
  • Once you need to submit a request to Simon Support to release the api for use. You will receive in the mail a link with the URL, each method has documentation there
  • The responsibility for protection against unauthorized use, as well as the integrity / quality of data lies with you thereafter.
  • The first three months of use are free, after that the cost will be £340 per year.

Your own connection

To create your own connection you will need the following:

  1. Your 16-digit Simon license code
  2. A Simon office user name (e.g., the email address of your application)
  3. The password of this user
  4. One-time request to access the api

Simons Residual Server supports HTTP GET/POST, not SOAP.

Simon’s Rest server is set up in English. The various tables also have English names.

The most important tables are:

Master data

Customer: Customer. A Customer has 1 or more Work Addresses

Location: Work address, where the work order refers to. Work address without Customer may.

WorkOrder: The work order. Always has a Work Address.

ItemGroup: Article Group

Item: Articles. An article may be in an Article Group

User: In the field users OR in the office users

Scheduling: Scheduling always contains a Work Order and a User

WorkOrderSurvey: Questionnaire(s) to accompany a Work Order. The questionnaire itself is created in Simon

UsedItem: Used Material on a Work Order

TimeSheet: Travel and Working Time on a work order

Workorder/digitalpresentation: The work order as a PDF

Workordersurvey/digitalpresentation: The completed questionnaire as a PDF


According to the description, retrieve the Token, with the following information

Key    = 16-digit license code

Pwd   = your own password

Usr     = your User name

You get a token. You need this token with every request. A token expires, make sure you refresh the token regularly when using Simon’s rest server!

Check out the HELP page at Login, you need to enter the TOKEN in the HEADER for each Request!


Simons Rest server always works the same, regardless of the table. Below the explanation for table Location (=work address), this explanation also applies to all other tables!

With the actions:




You can add, modify and delete work addresses. For Update and Delete you need to give a Simon-Id. Important: Simon always knows 2 Id’s. The automatically created Simon Id and YOUR key/id. Within Simon, this is called ExtKey. ExtKey can be empty or can have a UNIQUE value.

Now to find a Simon Id use: location/read

Here you can pass a number of filter values, refer to the documentation how to do that.

You will get back a list of Keys: Simon.Id-Simon.ExtKey 

Then you can go with:

location/read/{id}  (where {id} is the Simon.Id)

Method: use location/readsync if, for example, you create a Service where you want to keep your system(s) synchronized with Simon. You pass a last mutation date OR a last used Simon-Id and you get back a list of all Simon-Ids AFTER that date or Simon-Id.

Requirements for using the Simple-Simon api

If you want to use the Simple-Simon api, the following conditions apply:

  1. Please send an email to with the request for use. We will then make your environment suitable for the use of our api’s.
  2. You need to have at least 1 active (paid) license to use the api. During the free trial period it is unfortunately not possible to use Simple-Simon’s api.
  3. Disrupting your own Simple-Simon environment, integration with your ERP system and/or your calendar, by using Simple-Simon’s api is at your own risk.
  4. The responsibility for protection against unauthorized use, as well as the integrity / quality of data lies with you thereafter.
  5. Should support from our IT team be required, the costs are £950 per man day of work, which is also the minimum purchase.