Your path from trial to user

  • 1. Start with your 14 days free trial

    To understand Simon’s workflow, you can use our app free for 14 days. You directly gain unrestricted access to all Simons functionality. You just need your Email address to signup. Simon will be directly available on all your favorite devices.

  • 2. Let Simon help you get started

    Simons startup wizard helps you in only 30 seconds to personalize your environment. Within minutes, you are able to create and plan your first work-order. All options are self-explanatory, and all have 2 integrated instructions:


    • Short instruction, getting you on your way in seconds
    • Detailed ,, guiding you step by step in all possible functionalities
  • 3. Integrate your favorite calendars and software

    If you want to integrate with Google calendar, or Outlook Calendar, or Apple-calendar, you can set this up with few mouse clicks, free of charge. Revoking the calendar sync is again a matter of a few mouse clicks, you can do this all yourself. If you want to integrate with your accounting software, choose one of Simons integrations for this. Enabling is a few mouse clicks, as is disabling again also.

  • 4. Request a live demo

    By applying for a free of charge online demo, within 30 minutes, all Simons functionality is explained to you by our support team

  • 5. Become our customer

    Become our customer after the free trial. You will have the right knowledge to start digitizing your work orders. No need to sign a contract, Simon is prepaid, pay as you go. 

  • 6. Professional Support

    Our well-trained support team is ready to guide you whenever it’s needed. As a customer of Simple-Simon, you can contact your support team at any time. No not just by mail like support is nowadays. Real people ready to help.

    Simon regularly organizes free of charge webinars where you or your Colleagues can keep up to date with all Simons functionality.

  • 7. Simon updates

    Simple-Simon regularly updates the software, making sure it keeps up with new releases for operating systems/browsers.