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5 Reasons to choose a digital work schedule

A digital work schedule so you never lose the overview again

Your work schedule provides an overview of activities to be performed for a particular job. Do you still work with a paper work schedule or job sheet? If so, chances are that you spend a lot of time each week looking for job sheets, making phone calls back and forth regarding the planning and processing your administration. With Simple-Simon’s job sheet management software, working with confusing paper administrations is a thing of the past. In fact, thanks to Simon’s digital planning board, you always have insight into your digital work schedule.

Not quite convinced about digital work planning yet? Read below 5 reasons to digitize your work schedule.

1. Effective communication between employees

With Simple-Simon you easily create work orders, which then appear directly in your (work) schedule. You can assign employees with the right skills to a job. The planning is immediately visible to both employees in the office and in the field. By working with Simple-Simon you have full control over the work to be performed. An emergency job or a sick employee? With our software, you easily respond to unforeseen issues. Thanks to real-time synchronization between office and app, the schedule is always up to date for everyone. Moreover, employees can receive a push notification in case of changes in the schedule.

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2. Schedule hours efficiently

Making timetables and scheduling staff without any problems is possible with Simple-Simon’s digital work scheduling tool. By scheduling your staff with Simon, you get a clear overview of the hours worked by your field staff. Get a quick grip on your planning and field service, among other things. Simply assign the right person, with the right skills at the right time. Get an overview of the daily schedule by filtering, or personalize the complete plan board to your needs. This way the planning board matches your corporate image. Never lose the overview again with Simon’s planning.

3. Your digital work schedule fully personalized

Closed for holidays, a general company closure due to vacation or something else? This and more can be easily noted in your company schedule. Since you can add your company schedule to Simon’s digital planning board, it will always be included in your planning. You can also easily set the display, including whether you want to view the schedule by day or by week. Don’t only disable features, but also use filters to quickly display the most relevant information. Set the company schedule through your office module and see it directly in the work schedule. Likewise, you can easily add repeat schedules to your company schedule. This allows you to schedule periodic maintenance in no time.

4. Always insight into your work schedule

For Simple-Simon, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on the road, in the office or at home. With Simon’s digital work schedule, you always have insight into your schedule, whenever you want. Not only the office staff, but also the field service employees can view the schedule and work order digitally. View, create or change job sheets and appointments whenever and wherever you want. Because the software synchronizes in real time, data is always up to date for all users.

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5. Connect with your favorite accounting package

Simply connect your Simon account with one of our 50+ integrations, and enjoy even more benefits. Among other things, customer data and articles are automatically retrieved from your accounting package. These are immediately available in your Simon environment. In addition, changes to customers, articles and work addresses are synchronized in real time. As a result, you no longer need to enter data twice. This not only makes your work easier & more efficient, it also allows you to get the most out of your digital work orders and work processes. You can easily make the connection with your accounting package yourself.

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Do you also want to have insight into your planning at all times and work more efficiently? Simple-Simon is your all-in-one solution. Thanks to our software, you can digitize your work schedule and job sheets in no time. This way you not only work efficiently, but you also save time and money. Want to experience the benefits of Simple-Simon for yourself? Then use the button below to create your free test account. During the test period you can test all functionalities without any obligation. At Simple-Simon you do not sign a contract.

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